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Project: Windows Installation on 50+ Laptops for a Tech Giant in Singapore (Headquartered in USA)

Project Scope: To setup Windows OS, Drivers, Applications on 50+ different Model Laptops

Project Execution:

The customer needed 50+ laptops to be installed with Windows and ready to function within three days for an urgent project deployment. Since laptops all were different models, cloning was not an option. We had to install Windows using CD or USB Thumb drive, followed by elaborate installation of drivers and 15+ applications.

To save time, we deployed 4 engineers, each taking care of a similar group of laptop models. The crucial step was to provide the necessary tools needed to execute the project. We had to make and readily available duplicate copies OS CDs, Applications and Drivers in Thumb drives. Instead of downloading drivers, again and again by each engineer on their own, we assigned an engineer just to provide necessary drivers and apps for the 4 working engineers. This saved lot of time as it cut down the need for each engineer to download the needed drivers and apps.

There was a testing engineer to test and approve the installation once completed. It was further tested by customer engineer as a final step. This prevented laptop coming back after deployment to the users.


Project Delivery: 

The project was given a tight deadline of three days. We managed to complete in two days and the customer was able to deploy the laptops one day earlier to the users, avoiding the last minute rush. We also took care of the minor deployment glitches on the third day. All users were fully equipped and ready to use the laptop on day four.