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Every customer sending cases to us gets a free professional analysis. On top of free pickup and delivery, the free analysis give you complete peace of mind to get it analysed with zero risks

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Right from the start, we provide free pickup and free delivery. There is no risk in engaging us. Zero transportation Cost

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Pricing for storages with no hardware issues

“… 2 out of 3 disks failing simultaneously on a server is a really rare case. I thought we really run out of luck. I was extremely happy when I was informed that data could be recovered up to 99%. Service was very professional and so that we as a customer were very confident that they can do the job well…”

Bryan Teo

Stone Forest IT

“… In addition to the technical expertise displayed, service offering was focused on building trust and providing reassurance of data confidentiality to a customer like me…”

Sameer Phanse

Hewlett-Packard Singapore

“… extremely pleased that everything was recovered.  saved more than 15 years of research and other data. Thank you again, I’ll be sure to tell anyone about your excellent service…”

Andre Steward

Philips Electronics Singapore

“… I am recommending not just for the technical prowess that was amply demonstrated, but the comfort feel about the reliability of the services and the confidentiality of the data guardianship…”

Megumi Takanashi

Pigeon Singapore

Pricing for storages with hardware issues

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