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Reliable . Lifelong . #AWESOME

Complete IT

We provide complete IT support ranging from Desktops to Servers. For the past decade we have developed strong expertise on all aspects of business IT needs.

Latest IT

We constantly upgrade and train ourselves to be able to implement latest in IT. We will help you to take advantage of latest technology and get a competitive edge over your competitors.

Expert IT

Our team is constantly exposed across different industries. We will be able to consult and implement a wide variety of IT systems. We also have an extensively qualified network of partners for all your IT related needs.

Reliable IT

We work towards a long term IT relationship with our customers. We will provide reliable and professional IT support. We will be available when you need us. We offer direct contact to IT specialist, for immediate support.

Our Beginnings

SGIS started in 2007 with just 2 customers. As like any new business, we went through challenging growth period.
Now with more than a decade of service, we have served 3000+ customers in the past 10 years.
We strengthen our business relationship with customers by providing top class IT support.

Year Started

Support Jobs per Year

Customers Served

Our 3 Core Values


Friendly and Reliable – We value our customer relationship more than anything else. While IT expertise can be easily gained, developing long-term trust relationship is not easy. We actively cultivate a good relationship with our customers through Friendly and reliable support.


Honest Business – We started this business with passion and integrity. At no instance, we will compromise integrity over profit. We rather lose money than to do a dishonest job. We are transparent to our customers and keep them fully informed of their choices.This ties closely with our first core value of Friendly and reliable support. Any business running without integrity is bound to lose trust and relationship with customers. We do not want to do that.

Top Class IT Support – With more than a decade of IT experience in various industries, we can safely say we have seen it all. With continued exposure to various IT issues, we have become experts in solving IT problems. We will be able to confidently and expertly handle your IT needs.