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Project: Migration of 80+ users from in-house Email Server to Cloud-Based Google Email Servers

Project Client: Tham & Wong LLP, Singapore
Project Scope: To migrate existing 80+ email users from in-house IceWrap Email server to Google Business Email.
Project Execution:

The main challenge of migrating email system is to train the users to use the new email system. Since users were using old email system for more than 8 years, it was a challenge to train and move them to the new platform. Most of the users were resistant to change initially even though their existing email system had many issues. One major recurring issue was critical emails went missing and nowhere to be found.

We did the email migration in stages, starting from least impact users to most impact users. Before the migration we let the users test the email interface and get comfortable with it. All users were using Microsoft Outlook client for checking emails. Outlook had own issues like unable to startup, slow and unstable. We let the users experience web based Google email interface. Most users were happy with Google interface and saw how fast it loads emails. Users were also impressed with fast Google email search.

Once the users were comfortable, we then proceeded to migrate their mailboxes to Google Email. We did all the backend work remotely without affecting the user work time. Once the migration is complete, we sent them guides detailing on the usage of the new email system. Since most of the users were already familiar with the new email interface, they were able to start using from day one.

We also helped users to setup their mobile phones to send and receive emails. Unlike outlook since the emails are always stored on the Google servers, the all emails (Inbox, sent items) were available on multiple devices.

Users were now able to access emails from any computer. Previously with outlook as the emails were stored locally in the computer, they had to take back their laptop wherever they go to check emails. Now with web-based Google emails, they can check emails from any computer.

The migration was seamless to the users and they had no down time. The new Google email system fully replaced old inefficient in-house email server.


Project Delivery: 

After successful migration to Google Email. We trained and clarified the usage of new Google Email system. Most of the users had no difficulty using from day one, some users not familiar with the interface had guides to help them through. With Web-based Google Email System, we have eliminated Outlook issues and missing email issues. Users have no bounced back emails and enjoy faster email search.