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Project: Complete Server Rack setup for Singapore Office of a Financial MNC (Headquartered in New York)

Project Scope: To setup server rack with 2 Dell Servers, 2 Cisco Routers, 4 Cisco Switches, Cisco Firewall, Cisco Wireless, Web Proxy and Cable Management.

Project Execution:

Proper server rack setup starts with detailed planning of how the IT gears will fit inside the rack. Due to a lot of IT gears to be put inside this rack, we did not have much free space. So we had to plan the elevation diagram for the rack, which designates a specific location for each item inside the rack.

Following the elevation diagram, we need to prepare the network diagram which shows the correct connections between the devices. With elevation diagram and network diagram, the initial planning is complete. We then need to co-ordinate with various service providers to activate the Internet and other related services. Since the client was using overseas service providers, we needed to communicate with multi-party vendors to sort out the installation dates.

We then arranged our own teams to handle specific parts of the project.

Cabling Team: To lay the network cables and test for function. Proper cable dressing and professional cable management inside server rack.

Security Team: Configuration of Cisco Firewall, Web Proxy, and Cisco Wireless devices.

Network Team: Setting up and Validating network connections. The configuration of switches and Ports. Proper labeling of devices and cables

IT Team: Installation and Configuration of Servers and Application

Project Management Team: Overall Project Management and coordination of various teams for smooth delivery of services

We also worked with New York IT team to carry out their special instructions on setup and configuration of devices.


Project Delivery: 

The project was successfully completed given the complexity and involvement of multiple vendors and teams across the globe. We met the deadline and make Singapore office fully IT functional as it opened. We standby on the first day of opening in the event of any issues. There were no issues and IT function was smooth from the first day of operation.